Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Excelsior: The McGrath Cabin built in 1853

Excelsior's first house
Robert McGrath build a rough log cabin for shelter in 1853. He had spent enough time sleeping with a log for a pillow, camped nearby at Christmas Lake, surrounded by the Big Woods. He was sent by George Bertram to prepare the area for a new settlement. Robert McGrath was 22 years of age.
In the words of George Bertram:
"I have been to a country about twenty miles west of St. Anthony to visit a lake the Indians call Minnetonka (big waters). The country around the lake is as yet unbroken.
I have designated a town site, and selected a lot where I wish to build my home"

Note: My source is the book "100 Years in Excelsior" written by Daisy Dillman. The photo above was taken later in the 1800s, and at that time the log cabin was used for school board meetings.


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