Thursday, February 10, 2011

The General in February

General Store in February

Cold bronze

The bitter cold and snow of 2011 reminds me of other Valley Forge. Here are just a couple quotes from Washington's men at winter camp.

"General Johann de Kalb wrote: " cold that the ink freezes on my pen, while I am sitting close to the fire. The roads are piled with snow until, at some places they are elevated twelve feet above their ordinary level."

Private Joseph Plumb Martin's memoirs, writing in the rollicking style of a soldier, reported: "We are absolutely, literally starved. I do solemnly declare that I did not put a single morsel of victuals into my mouth for four days and as many nights, except for a little black birch bark which I gnawed off a stick of wood. I saw several men roast their old shoes and eat them"


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