Monday, February 28, 2011

Plymouth Theater and the Marvelous Wonderettes

Right D5, Right D6.
I don't venture out to theater very often and I usually find myself squirming during the end of the second act. Aging ADD, or just basic impatience.
I had never been to the Plymouth Theater, which conveniently shares the same building as a Best Western Motel and a Green Mill restaurant. The atmosphere (IAQ) is a combination of pizza and chlorine from the Best Western swimming pool. Oh - it is kind of quaint.
The play was very fun. I am not dong a play review, but I left the theater with a real respect for the talent and energy of the four women in the play. This play is not written as an intellectual tour de force, but as sheer oldies retro-fun.
The play lasted 2 hours and these 4 attractive actresses (who never missed a note) were performing in high gear. Kudos.

I refer to Jean Gabler's review for a more detailed account. Google it.


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