Monday, March 28, 2011

Lobster at Blue Point

We had lobster at a restaurant nearby that serves quality sea food. The Blue Point is always a fine dining experience, with a professional staff and simple, elegant ambiance. Actually I had the Hawaiian Sunfish... Lobster is a messy operation at best.
wife loves lobster

My mother often spoke of a time when lobsters (and scallops) were considered a poor man’s entree. You could buy them at the market cheap. I am willing to bet that this was due to the primitive food preservation technology of the early 20th century.

From an authoritative seafood blog:
"Eating lobster was once considered a mark of poverty and they were served to indentured servants, slaves and prisoners. In one Massachusetts colony, servants rebelled and forced a contract stating they would not be fed lobster more than 3 times a week."

Drawn and buttered.


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