Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wells Fargo Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon

May 1 - now starting in waves at the Wayzata Bay (ex)shopping center.

8:00 a.m. WAVE #1(1hr 50 mins and better)
8:02 a.m. WAVE #2 (1hr 55 mins to 2hr 10 mins)
8:04 a.m. WAVE #3 (2 hr 11 min and over)

I read this with shock, then I remembered it this a HALF MARATHON. Whew! (Of course there would be no starters if these were marathon times).

The finish area is at the Excelsior Commons Park. I plan on photographing this event for this blog. Big time coverage! I think the half marathon is a great (& the most reasonable) long-distance road race. A perfect race for Lake Minnetonka. I look forward to some great shots, from an area that has fostered some great runners.


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