Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Return of the Frog

I knew that frogs hibernated. They crawl into holes in winter and wait for a warm Spring day to come back out. No shadow watching like the ground hog, no occasional forages like the bear. Frogs come out and start croaking.
Well, the frogs have come out and created quite a chorus in the pond behind my house. You would be very generous in calling it a pond, it is really more of a “wetland”. It can get a little noisy. But I welcomed the sound of them as the temperatures rise and the sunshine has brought them out.
frog shakers
Pictured is a frog shaker set, not a real frog couple. But you get the idea...

This from the Minnesota DNR:
"Amidst the symphony of sounds emitted from a shallow pond on a spring or summer night, a listener may not realize the social interactions taking place at the water's edge. Male toads and frogs gather at breeding sites and announce their presence with what is known as advertisement calls. When one male calls, others soon call back in contest, creating a rising chorus that falls slowly silent."


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