Sunday, May 01, 2011

Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon @32 degrees

I arrived late to the Excelsior “George Street Turn” from the trail that signals the final half mile of this half marathon. On the way I was pulled over for an illegal left turn by a local gendarme who gave me a warning. I was polite. I did not see the sign, really. Still, I just missed the lead runners after carefully parking my car.
31 or 32 degrees and a nice 30 mph wind, that provided the runners with a final tail wind. The runners wore winter running regalia with some odd leggings and long black gloves. (I have been away from running too long.)
The runners seemed relaxed, but lacked the exuberance of a final kick brought about by a sunny day.

A lead runner. Dressed for the polar plunge.
Lead woman
The lead woman runner ran passed me at George Street. Cold and concentrating.

Excelsior urban
Run the urban side of Minnetonka.


Height duo
Height advantage.


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