Wednesday, June 29, 2011

394. A deadly problem that is not attended to.

The woman behind me has just cut in to the single lane that merges one major highway with another major highway (394 Eastbound with 94 Eastbound). She flips off the car behind her. Horns are sounding and she has almost caused a dangerous accident by by coming to a full stop with traffic moving in her lane at 55mph. This is a daily event. Many times accidents with injuries take place at this location. MDOT knows about this, and has known about it for years. The situation is simply ignored.
I have heard MDOT officials on the radio (NPR) talk about this isssue and simply verbally shrug. It should mean more to them.
I have an opinion about the "why", but I will refrain.
The pictures don't tell the story well, but then I am shooting from a moving car... well, sporadicaly moving.


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