Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lifetime 101

A nearby lifetime fitness

If you look carefully you will see a camera, watching me, watching them. I belong to Lifetime Fitness, although not this one. My wife and I have a "couples membership" and we use it.
Hoever this photo is merely a starting out point for a bit of fitness advice I received from a fitness trainer I ran into him about a year ago - at work. His name was Matt and he gave me some input into my old and ad hoc workout program. He told me I was not doing enough reps. Too few sets, too few reps.
This may seem like a simple observation, but it actually hit home for me. I am nearing 60, and I was still thinking I was 30. So I began to adjust my program for my age...don’t get me wrong, I still put out an effortj just differently. I also added my own philosophy which is: "Above all do no harm".
My wife on the other hand should write a book. She has lost 30+ pounds in the last year and is almost too energetic.


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