Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Will the warmth dilute the plunge?

Minnesotans are accustomed to greeting each other with "Cold enough for you?", "How was your drive in?" or " F'n freezing". It is not really a complaint as much as an obligatory admission of reality.

Not this season. the trails are clear, the sun is out and the ice is thin. Oh, you see a few autos being pulled for the icy depths, but not many. Even the foolish have their limits. It is warm.
But I am apprehensive. Will the "Polar Plunge" be a balmy bath? There is no snow to speak of, so my traditional photographic excursion's success may hinge on a cold snap.

icy wet & sunny

A scene from last year....actually this year day 1. A founder takes a plunge.

I am # 1


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