Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas Lake Monument, Chanhassen

Contemporary Celts.

You can see it openly from Highway 7. A Celtic-looking monument setting in a little pine grove. Above it is a rustic fire pit and circular stone enclosure. The romantic sees gatherings of Minnetonka druids pitching offerings into a fire. The realist sees discarded Kool cigarette packages and empty packets of energy gel. Still, it is primitive, and tucked off the dark side of Radisson Inn Road and Highway 7.

Christmas Lake Monument

The Monument for Christmas Lake - which cannot be seen from this location.
It reads:
"Named for Charles W. Christmas, first county surveyor of Hennepin County, Elected in 1852, who platted the original town site of Minneapolis for John H. Stevens and Franklin Steele. Christmas Lake and Lake Minnetonka now occupy what in pre-glacial times was part of the Misssissippi River junction with the pre-glacial Minnesota River."

The fire pit



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