Thursday, January 12, 2012

Howdy. Scenes from a Hopkins antique shop.

howdy doody's circus
The relationship among Howdy Doody, Clairabelle the Clown, and Flub-a-dubb has always been a tenuous one. Sometimes strained, they put forth a good show for their public.
Behind the scenes, as Clairabelle pulls back the psychological curtain, we find a childlike Howdy. Woodenly optimistic, Howdy has deep-rooted fears. He remembers the fate of his "Doppelgänger Howdy", who disappeared with Frank Paris in 1947, never to be seen again.
Today Buffalo Bob is nowhere to be found. Often a missing, father he shows up on weekends to take center stage.
Flub-a-dub displays an erratic nature that can be attributed to clinical schizophrenia. After all, he/she is a composite of 8 others.


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