Monday, October 15, 2012


The Spa After my workout, I headed into the showers. Yesterday an attendant was busy spraying the showers with a soapy foam and then vacuuming it up with his big yellow Kaivac cart. I know the name because, surprisingly I do occasional research into the sanitary maintenance field. I usually grumble at machinery in the locker room (and I mean directly at the machinery). But after reading about the importance of keeping the health club very clean I really am pleased. This is not an ad... I wish their whirlpools were warmer. But I appreciate the bountiful supply of clean towels. I still can't tie one up properly to make a "towel skirt". Usually it falls off half way across the locker room. I have had good reason to leave other health clubs that just don’t keep up. Or in some cases they became half-way houses for the delinquent element. By the way, I do not belong to the Lifetime “Spa” pictured, but the I belong to other Lifetime Fitness Clubs. I cannot justify membership to the Spa, although it is close to my home.


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