Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Excelsior's (temporarily) Abandoned Kiosk

I slid on my posterior down the icy steps leading to the seasonally abandoned Kiosk at the Port of Excelsior. I would have made quite a sight, but the streets were quiet, Superbowl Festivities had emptied Water Street of witnesses. I gingerly approached the Kiosk to see what was posted inside. I found a series of articles about the Golden Days of Lake Minnetoka when the shores were lined with Grand Hotels, Steam Boats and the latest amenities. Excelsior is considering allowing the construction of a small hotel across the street from this site. Done properly, with the residents agreement, I believe it would be a great addition to Excelsior. lonely_kiosk The lonely Kiosk. del otero Hotel St. Louis 1890


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