Monday, August 25, 2014

Shorewood Welded Whimsey

"Whimsey" might be a weak word to describe these heavy duty welded wonders. Artist Gary Berry, a neighbor, welds these fantastic creatures at home. He tell me he has many more.... I pulled around the final corner on my way home only to be greeted by a gigantic black figure with arms above his head in a menacing manner. I was surprised, then laughed as I passed the welded metal menace. No question that Gary’s own large frame is reflected in this work, which stands over 9 feet tall. His Golden Canine (I do no know the names of the pieces so this must suffice) weighs about 600lbs., but doesn't eat much! Gary talks about these works very affectionately, and has a somewhat paternal relationship with them. Not unusual in the arts, and certainly not in the sculptural arena. They have a presence.


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