Friday, August 01, 2014

Tour De Tonka a word of caution...

Plan your route(s) tomorrow around Lake Minnetonka carefully, there will be delays and detours because of the "Tour De Tonka".  There will be frustration.

Last year  as the "Tour" wore on into late morning, I drove down a local boulevard only to be stopped by an Officer who was directing traffic. I stopped. He was tired (this is my excuse for him) and after stopping me I waited. He then appeard to wave me on. Frankly, I do not know what his gesture meant but I began moving forward down the road. He began to yell at me, hitting, almost banging on my window. I rolled down the window and caught myself in an outburst, but I did say:  "I am just TRYING to do what you are telling me to do!"  Unsatisfied- he was still infuriated.
So I waited.... and he exasperatedly waved me on.

Enjoy. Ride and drive with care.


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