Monday, May 16, 2005

Lost and Baying At The Moon

Minnetonka Bays.
Needless to say when I drove my Chriscraft around the Lake in 1994-6 I often got lost. If I stayed out after dark I was subject to the confusion, then panic that a novice boater feels trying to sort out all the Bays on Lake Minnetonka. The landmarks one looks for look dark and they all look somewhat familiar. The many mansions become silloettes - only the backlit windows stand out.

The Bays are numerous: Greys Bay, Wayzata Bay, Robinson's Bay, St. Lous Bay, Carson's Bay, Excelsior Bay, St.Albans Bay, Gideon's Bay, Echo Bay, Lafayette Bay, East & West Crystal Bays, Maxwell's Bay, Stubbs Bay, Carmons Bay, Old Channel Bay, Spring Park Bay, Jenning's Bay, Harrison Bay, Priest's Bay, Halsted's Bay, Cook's Bay, Smithtown Bay, Phelps Bay and finally Brown's Bay - but there probably are more. Without a moon one might as well just drop anchor.

I don't have a boat anymore.


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