Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Ninteenth Century Tale

Deephaven Minnesota. On a cool spring day in 1847 a young wife prepared apple pies for her husband and son, who were away on daily business. She set her pies out on the window sill to cool. She had canned the applesin fall and now, in pies, they were quite a treat.
A sudden clammor of excitement, and chaos erputed as a band of mounted Lakota Sioux rushed up to her log house (the house still exists, with the contemporary additions of central air and a Satellite TV dish) and took her pies. She stood in shock as they hurriedly rode away, but a trailing warrior rushed up and dropped a freshly killed deer as payment on her doorstep. Then quickly, following his fellows, he fled .
Moments later a band of Blackfoot raced past her house in pursuit of the Lakota.
The woman stared at the deer carcass. - Unknown to her she had just provided the first 'drive through'.
A simple, true story that took place near my house in 1847.


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