Monday, June 27, 2005


2 Drownings
Thursday and Sunday 2 men drown in the lake in separate incidents. The water is thick with milfoil, weeds and growth. In one case a young man swam into the Lake out to retrieve a soccer ball, and apparently became tangled in the weeds. Rescue attempts by friends failed and thankfully they did not also become entangled. This drowning took place at the same location of one of my previous photos (Excelsior- Sat_fisherman), and the area is marked with swimming hazard warnings.

In another incident a 31 year old fisherman was thrown into the water from a moving boat. Not surprisingly, drinking was involved, but a life jacket might have helped him survive his fall into the lake. He was fishing with 2 others near Orono on the LowerLake's northwest side. His body was recovered late Sunday evening.
I am always struck by the dangers of the lake one often simply forgets. It is not a swimming pool and there are no sides to hold on to. Deaths on the Lake are common in the summer and winter.


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