Tuesday, July 05, 2005

An Old Fashioned Fourth at the General Store

Cottagewood is a section of Deephaven, which is a township on the southeastern side of Lake Minnetonka. My wife and I live in one of the little cottages that were the neighborhoods namesake. These cottages are a dying breed, methodically being replaced by expansive multi-million dollar homes. The new homes are just an outward signs of a safe, desireable neighborhood and an affluent market. (Note: In the past Cottagewood could be divided into 2 groups of residents: The ones who lived "on the lake", and the ones that did not).
Beyond that, the neighborhood has still retained a real sense of self and history. One of our "Lakeside" neighbors, Harry Allen, has worked very hard to insure the continued success of the little General Store on Cottagewood Avenue, a centerpiece of Cottagewood. Many other neighbors contribute financially and with their labors of love.
The store is 115 years old has had many owners. It is a central hangout for kids, neighbors, & bicylists.


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