Monday, September 05, 2005

Ravellos In Long Lake - Restaurant to the Stars

We met Dan and Jennifer at Ravello's on Saturday night. Dan worked with my wife and aside from a being a successful lawyer, he is an avid fitness proponent - and cook. This was our first meeting - he was a fellow employee of Shelly (my wife) but now is off on another career endeavor.
As we discussed distance running, weigh control and sundried tomatoes, our host (photo follows) interjected that Ravellos has a clientelle of stars like Kevin Garnett, Vikings players, and now the the Rolling Stones. He said he was preparing a special order of mushroom raviolli for the 'Strolling Bones' when they perform in the Twin Cities (Sorry folks, I just couldn't resist the hackneyed use of "strolling" in a sentence about the Stones).
Ravello's owner/host was congenial, the service excellent. I found the food to be trendy, yet somewhat unremarkable. Not bad by any standards- my quail with orange glaze served on a bed of savory basamatti rice (I am not sure of the spelling) was sweet and flavorful. Yet I did not hear the oohs and ahs I expected. My wife's pasta with asapargus, sundried tomatoes and mushrooms was quite plain. Dan and Jennefers entrees also lacked personality. I must say that it is possible that the chef knows the local clientelle and their palettes better than I do. If you want to have a very warm dining experience, this is a great place. Note: I will return.


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