Thursday, June 22, 2006

Yum Restaurants International - Customer Loco

Wayzata Boulevard. Kentucky Fried Chicken, next to a McDonalds. Anywhere USA:

Previously Called Tricon International. Now named - "Yum!" this restaurant conglomerate owns: A&W, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Long JOHN Silver (don't get that one wrong please), Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell.

From the "YUM!" International Website:

"The power of our people is our secret ingredient, and what sets us apart from the competition. Around the world, our 900,000 Customer Maniacs are striving each and every day to put a Yum! on our customers' faces. We train our team members once a quarter on how to be Customer Maniacs."

So try this new KFC Classic Bowl: Signature mashed potatoes, sweet corn, fried chicken nuggets, all covered with their special gravy... then to top it off 3 cheeses! Available at KFC on Wayzata Boulevard - across from Lunds.

Mashed Potato bowl with Gravy: 690 Calories.
Add the corn, fried chicken nuggets and top with three cheeses - It nears 1000 healthy calories. Anywhere USA. Yum!


Blogger Stacia said...

At first I Thought you were talking about the newish place yum! on Minnetonka Blvd in SLP.

9:43 AM  

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