Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Twin Cities Marathon approaches!

I have written about it before. The autumn leaves fall from the trees and the runners disappear from the trails as well - the Twin Cities Marathon approaches. I still believe that the reason I am still running fairly well at 53, uninjured, is because I have never run a marathon. That is just me.
Runners in training
Running the trail the other day on an "out and back" I encountered another runner who shouted to me; "Only a week to go". He was telling me that his slow pace was intentional, and that all of his vital bodily strength was now being conserved for use in the local big one. The Twin Cities Marathon. Brave soul!
The media has given less and less coverage to this run over the event's 25 year history. It is difficult to cover a marathon, and appeals to few. And frankly, the times have been miserable - last year's winning time was very slow by any standard, and the winner (Mubarak Hussein- 41) was un-challenged. I take that back, his time as a Master's Champion was remarkable. Still the average overall finishing time has sky rocketed.
I promise "Minnetonkascenes" coverage of the TC Marathon. Photos of interest at my various vantage points. That should garner a few fans!
I respect these runners, and I cheer them on. I will watch in the chilly morning, drink coffee and take photos. I will chat with "team members" along the way who wait for their runner to pass by.
Although the drama is self inflicted, it is sincere. I envy them a little, but I know what is good for me.


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