Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Significant Others....

Significant  others

"Scientist: We'll be marrying robots within 50 years
Science fiction lovers take note: Robot marriages could be the wave of the future. At least that’s what one scientist believes. David Levy, an artificial intelligence researcher at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, believes humans and robots will be mingling in just under 50 years, and not just mingling, but developing intense relationships leading to both sex and marriage. His newly released projections predict robots will become much more complex and life-like, with programmable attitudes and behaviors. This customization, he says, will allow humans to create the perfect mate without fear of rejection."
This was excerpted from the "MediaLife" Web site.

Note: Star Trek was a science fiction TV series that has so embedded itself into our psyche that people think it was real. Many people, through a media based mythology, that we have actually traveled to other planets and galaxies... thus the bland response to anything done by our space program. People also believe that cyborgs in in body suits are real.... with the advent of cellphone addiction and other mechanical human attachments this may be closer to the truth. (IMHO)
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