Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Lakewinds footprint

The Lakewinds Coop is offering a contest to the burgeoning Minnetonka greens. Demonstrate your love of mother earth with a creative way to reduce your carbon foot print. Co-Sponsored by Bokoo Bikes on 101, prizes range from a "Commuter Bike'" worth 750 bokooroos (my word), to other goodies including a home compost kit.
Frankly, I own a bicycle of the almost extinct Trek "Touring Bike" variety. A bike with narrower wheels than off-roaders, a semi-comfortable seat, drop handles and a frame that is built to resist a pot hole.
Tune Up Time
Have fun with the contest, and write your entry on a used grocery bag.....does that count?
Other suggestions include: A traveling compost/bicycle cart. - A biodegradable "mom earth' tatoo.


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