Thursday, November 29, 2012

No snow for the blowing

No-Snow I bought a dual stroke electric-start whomping big snowblower last year and since I have used it only twice. This year I have fired it up in anticipation of throwing snow like a pro. No dice. But I count my blessings and have that inner peace that only a snow blower with and electric starter can bring. I remember the Halloween blizzard of '92 and still get the nervous shakes.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Sisco Kid - Our New Sheltie

The Sisco Kid Our 7 month old Shelties' name is "Sisco", after the Sisco Kid in "The Caballero's Way" by O. Henry. The story is darkly ironic and full of some negative racial imagery that takes a classic O Henry turn at the end. I am not sure this story would be read in schools today: "The Kid was twenty-five, looked twenty; and a careful insurance company would have estimated the probable time of his demise at, say, twenty-six. His habitat was anywhere between the Frio and the Rio Grande. He killed for the love of it—because he was quick-tempered—to avoid arrest—for his own amusement—any reason that came to his mind would suffice. He had escaped capture because he could shoot five-sixths of a second sooner than any sheriff or ranger in the service, and because he rode a speckled roan horse that knew every cowpath in the mesquite and pear thickets"

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sunday in Purgatory

Purgatory Park. The extraordinary weather drew a steady stream of of walkers, runners, dog enthusiasts to the park. The bare trees and drab wetlands posed photographic challenges but everyone I met said hello. Purgatory Park bridge with Sadie Belvedere Purgatory Park At regular intervals people would walk by with their pets, out into the drab, but interesting marshland. The park had a slightly abstract quality. Straw and ochre.

Friday, November 16, 2012

My failure as an inventor: Exposed!


Monday, November 12, 2012

Cottagewood's Margie

Margie She doesn't live here anymore. She moved out to a seniors' residence a few years ago. She stopped in briefly last year for her birthday party. Margie was reclusive but lovable neighbor who decorated her front porch seasonally. I miss that. Her house was once a livery stable/blacksmith shop that was converted to a residence in 1905. Margie's house

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Cub at 6am

Cub On the recovery side of the flu. I decide to go to work, but first a quick stop at Cub Foods for Advil, crackers and chicken soup. I think that says it all. I am edgy, and gather my items hoping to check out quickly. One checkout person. As I move quickly to the single checkout, two customers queue up ahead. The first is an older gentleman- I suppose I am beginning to fall int that category. Another a mid forties woman in tights. He checks out. The woman is buying 2 bottles of sports drinks and red Switzer's red licorice. I think that this is a quick operation. He rings it up and then she adds the clinker "I also would like two boxes of Marlborros". The checkout clerk says he will have to get the keys and then go to another part of the store.... After 3-4 minutes I see the self checkout lane lights come on. I go there and check out. As I leave I see the woman walk to her car which she has parked in a handicapped space. Thelot is empty. I tell you. A flu can make you miserable.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Spasso's - revisited

Spasso's of Minnetonka We returned to Spasso on Saturday night. Our server was from Sao Paulo and very attentive as he, and others, hustled to accomodate a full house. The hostess weaved through the tables checking and calculating available, seating then she would toss her long hair back with a stylistic flair. I watched as a little train of customers walked by our table, each gently carrying a bottle of wine from the wine shop. Spassos was boisterous. burger cake

Friday, November 02, 2012

KRDS Radio New Prague

I push the button for the Classic music channel as I drive to work. I hear the familiar but aging voice of Garrison Keillor. He is spinning a cracker barrel story of a town meeting in Northern Minnesota, where they are eating ham sandwiches and drinking glasses of milk. I am not a fan. So I push another button and I am taken to KRDS-FM - FM 95.5 - New Prague. A Polka band is grinding out “Apples, peaches pumpkin pie”. Not the pop version. The announcers sound refreshingly rural. They crackle papers to create sounds for an on-air raffle. Grand prize is $20 gift certificate to a local pub. Runners up get free tickets to an all you can eat Pancake and sausage breakfast at the New Prague Knight of Columbus Hall. WhoopeeJohnPolka-AmericanHouseVol14CDWeb It's all about authenticity. On the way home from work KRDS slips in and out of my reception, but I hang in there as I move westward and listen to “dance music” as they call it. Some crackling old Elvis recordings. Sometimes the Who, sometimes the Chiffons and then Led Zeppelin. All good. The jocks hawk a local car wash. Then back to Shake, Rattle and Roll. All real.