Thursday, November 08, 2012

Cub at 6am

Cub On the recovery side of the flu. I decide to go to work, but first a quick stop at Cub Foods for Advil, crackers and chicken soup. I think that says it all. I am edgy, and gather my items hoping to check out quickly. One checkout person. As I move quickly to the single checkout, two customers queue up ahead. The first is an older gentleman- I suppose I am beginning to fall int that category. Another a mid forties woman in tights. He checks out. The woman is buying 2 bottles of sports drinks and red Switzer's red licorice. I think that this is a quick operation. He rings it up and then she adds the clinker "I also would like two boxes of Marlborros". The checkout clerk says he will have to get the keys and then go to another part of the store.... After 3-4 minutes I see the self checkout lane lights come on. I go there and check out. As I leave I see the woman walk to her car which she has parked in a handicapped space. Thelot is empty. I tell you. A flu can make you miserable.


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