Monday, November 26, 2012

The Sisco Kid - Our New Sheltie

The Sisco Kid Our 7 month old Shelties' name is "Sisco", after the Sisco Kid in "The Caballero's Way" by O. Henry. The story is darkly ironic and full of some negative racial imagery that takes a classic O Henry turn at the end. I am not sure this story would be read in schools today: "The Kid was twenty-five, looked twenty; and a careful insurance company would have estimated the probable time of his demise at, say, twenty-six. His habitat was anywhere between the Frio and the Rio Grande. He killed for the love of it—because he was quick-tempered—to avoid arrest—for his own amusement—any reason that came to his mind would suffice. He had escaped capture because he could shoot five-sixths of a second sooner than any sheriff or ranger in the service, and because he rode a speckled roan horse that knew every cowpath in the mesquite and pear thickets"


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