Thursday, January 10, 2013

Next 5 Miles

Watch for paper clips next 5 miles Doodle

Friday, January 04, 2013

A long time resident of Cottagewood is gone.

Saturday 6AM, before the heat Rocky, our mixed breed pet and friend has passed away peacefully. He was a Cottagewood resident for about 19 years.

Pepsi Serving Tray 1905

Oldest Pepsi Metal Tray circa 1900 Healthful This is the oldest Advertising/Serving tray Pepsi produced. American "pop" culture can be reflected in the history of soda pop. From soda's early days touted as a medicinal aid, as it searched for a marketing niche, to today's perception of it as an unhealthy product that should be banned or taxed out of existence. That's a wide dietary swing. The truth is that it is neither. People like it. In my opinion it was never medicinal, or is it today's health curse. Pop can be indicative of an overall bad diet, or may it be a friendly social mixer without alcohol.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Scenes from the Alarc 2013 Polar Plunge, Excelsior MN

Setting the sage The temperature at jump time was 10 below zero. The frigid stillness was daunting and kept most of the spectators relaxed and warm in the nearby lounge. Mixing with the crowd and the press was the founder, Bill Wenmark, who exhibited a congeniality that gave the event a personal charm. This was his, and two others, 20th jump. He displayed his achievement with an "Orca 20" hooded warming robe. Very handsome. The founding_father ALARC founder Bill Wenmark Just before his 23rd dive. Orca 20 the first In action jump milking_crowd towel motherdauter The cold cops Under the cool and watchful eye of the Southlake Minnetonka Police.