Sunday, August 07, 2005

Festivals empty lake

The relative calm on Saturday could be attributed to 3 major art Festivals in the Twin Cities; The Metris Uptown Art Festival, the Powderhorn Park Art Festival, and the Fringe Festival. Back on Lake Minnetonka, the sounds of children diving from docks into the lake and the gentle breaking of waves on the shoreline were predominant. Frankly I found it a bit eerie for a warm Saturday night, but then it is August.
I spent the morning having a cup of coffee at 5:45am at Greys Bay Public Marina (photo shown), then heading off to the Metro Paint-a-thon, where in our case, volunteers painted the tree obscured house of an elderly woman. Scraping, priming and painting, the volunteers did a professional job - but note: I entered the house once, to use the toilet, to find it filled to capacity....every room with the rummage of an advanced lifetime. Norrow tunnels were cleared in the rummage to allow passage. It was simply a crypt. As I searched in the dark for the restroom I heard a thin voice speak out from behind a partly opened door. "It is down in the basement" she squeeked. Then the plywood sliding door snapped closed.


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