Friday, October 07, 2005

Movie Remake Hybrids for better box office results

This post may be short lived- it may not make it past the editor (me) for the whole day Friday.
Hollywood is bent on subjecting us to some of the lamest remake efforts ever. Charlie's Angles, Bewitched, Dukes of Hazzard, I Dream Of Jeanie, The Amytiville Horror etc. All of them insufferable. I suggest combinations of past successes for more creative high concept plots.

Some suggestions:

1. Close Encounters On Golden Pond
- during their golden years and old couple discover a stranded “grey” living in their root cellar. It asks for a phone, and a billion minutes.

2. Gone With the Wind Our Blazing Saddles.
- Scarlet O'Hara rebuilds Terra and raises crops of Pinto Beans.

3. The Scent of a Taxi Driver
- DeNiro in his ultimate role. 'New car smell' spray sales soar.

4. The Nutty, Psycho Professor
- James Woods plays a professor who converts the Bates Hotel into a co-ed dorm.

5. Das Boot is Swept Away
- a German U-Boat is assigned it’s first female commander. This one should have social a consciousness bent.

6. The Field of Dreams and Nightmares on Elm Street
- Freddie K is obsessed with making crop circles.

7. Car 54 Where Are You -Serpico?
- witness protection can’t stop Serpico from surfacing as a small town cop with whacky results.

8. The Last Animal House on the Left .
- Toga! Toga! To-gahhhhhhhhh! .


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