Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy 2006, & my silly predictions.

Unable to sleep early Friday morning, in the waning days of 2005, I listened to Art Bell - renowned radio host for the sleepless. Insomniacs nationwide called in their predictions for 2006, and most were merely political wish lists. They are obvious. I tried to compile my own list of preditions, but found them uninspired. I do predict this: There will be more odd 911 dialing stories - you know - “Pet hamster dials 911 to save choking baby’s life”, “911 operator has heart trouble and dials 911 only to get self. Saves own life”.

I tried again on Sunday, and in a half sleepy state wrote delirious predicitons. They are the best kind, and about as likely to happen.

In the desire to be a sage, but an objective one, I would like to make these 2006 predictions.

1. Mike Tice will start his own, very popular Boat Cruise franchise ..
2. Aliens will visit the earth - and ask us the meanings of crop circles.
3. Volcanic activity around Mount Saint Helen will cause a small butterfly in the Amazon rain forsest to flap it’s wings.
4. Young women will begin to utter the forbidden words: “Tatoo removal”.
5. The media re-living of the 60’s decade will enter its 16th year.
6. Hollywood will remake “Happy Days”. Unable to afford balding Ron Howard, Henry Winkler will play Mr. C., 5 Cents will play the Fonz.


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