Monday, April 03, 2006

First Boat on the Lake

I did not know that marinas shoot warm water out under the docks to create open water. I took the following picture on my morning photo excursion when I noticed this phenomenon. Frankly , Saturday morning was one minor misadventure after another. Cold and grey again. The shot of the lone boat was the first and last one before my camera batteries went dead. So I drove to the nearest convenience store to buy some AA batteries ( and yes there are inconvenient stores). The neon light said "Open", but the door said not. An apparent eviction notice was jammed in the door.
I drove another 7 miles to a Holiday Station, and then went back to the dock on the bay. Everything still remains the same. I can't do what 10 people tell me to do, so I guess I'll remain the same....ooops, my mind is wandering.
Thanks Otis.
Well I took one more shot, and then mother nature took powerful control. I hurried-home.


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