Friday, April 21, 2006

Wayzata & MacDonalds' Burritos

Across the street from the MacDonalds on Wayzata Boulevard there once was a Denny's restaurant.(Grand slam anyone?) Now boarded up, it apparently never overcame the Denny's bad reputation... I do not know this, but I do know that now it lays abandoned, physically boarded up.
Chipolte's Mexican Grill, the Starbucks of burrito francises, will replace it in a new building. One must ask, how Mexican is MacDonalds? The MacDonalds Corporation owns Chipolte's, and will be establishing one right across the street from the Mac and Dons on Wayzata boulevard. Neighbors include a defunct Burger King and a Kentucky Fried Chicken.
The problem is that this location is not visible or easily accesible from the adjacent highway.
I wish them luck. As far as authenticity - who cares?

Change of subject: I am going to make a sticker for my bicycle: "My other bicyle is an SUV"


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