Monday, May 29, 2006


Sunday was a humid, sweltering day, and I knew it would be very early. I rode my trusty Trek bicycle around the lower lake at 6:30 am to make sure to get a training ride in before the heat set in. Riding west out of Excelsior you take a turn north along a county highway (I do not know the number) - and you travel over a narrow isthmus. The many varied bays lay to your left and right - Gideons Bay, Carmens Bay, Crystal Bay, Lafayette Bay, Echo Bay and others stretch to your left and right.
It was very early, quiet, and traffic was light.The air was warm.
As you circle along the north side of the lake you travel through small townships, - cities like Orono, Minnetrista, Navarre and Mound.
It is not hard to sense the spiritual attraction this area held with the ancient native americans called "The mound builders". The mystical quality of the lake is overpowering. Long expanses of water with tree covered islands dot the horizon. The mound builders built many low rising mounds for burial and ceremonial purposes here. Across the northern side of Lake Minnetonka many more mounds were built - and thus the city of Mound received its name. The Chippewa and the Lakota/Dakota built seasonal villages here. The many sided lake holds its power.

I rode 20 miles in about 70 minutes - there was very little wind.


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