Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Tonka Tail

The passing of two of our three dogs during the last 3 months has caused us a lot of sadness here, and left us with an emty feeling. The cure? A new puppy and friend to "Rocky", our loyal male Corgi/Shelty mix. We are planning to pick a puppy up during this extended 4th of July weekend. A female Shelty from a good breeder. We are already in the process of naming her. FYI- Here is the list of top female dog names in the USA (from the Petsmart Bow Wow website).
Maggie 1
Bear 2
Molly 3
Shadow 4
Lady 5
Sadie 6
Lucky 7
Lucy 8
Daisy 9
Brandy 10
Bandit 11
Ginger 12
Abby 13
Sasha 14
Sandy 15
Murphy 16
Pepper 17
Dakota 18
Katie 19
Annie 20

I have a cartoon dog that I call Tonky - but it is just that, an odd cartoon dog.


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