Sunday, July 09, 2006

Pirates at the Excelsior dock!

Lite Sunday morning blather:

Pirates of the Caribbean has biggest Hollywood Opening in history - box office Mojo.

The movie reviewer said that Johnny Depp “steals the show” in the movie - Pirates of The Caribbean, Dead Man’s Chest.
Is this a meaningless Hollywood phrase “steals the show” or what? Can the billed star of a movie steal the show? I was just wondering. $55 million on opening day... that doesn't even cover Johnny's charges. Dead Man’s Chest is just another Hollywood summer sequel, the difference is that there is little competition in the theaters. Oh go ahead, see Superman Returns! Then maybe see the remake of "King Kong'. Both Hollywood mega bores.
"POTC, Dead Mans Chest"- I didn’t like the first "Pirates", but then I rarely find Hollywood summer comedies very funny. "Clan of the Cave Bear" - now that was funny!


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