Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A do-able Triathlon- Deephaven.

I have watched athletes stagger and crawl across the finish line in triathlons. Some have even eliminated on themselves. Others are simply crippled for life. Well hurray for Deephaven and their family traithlon. All the finishers I witnessed were tired but happy. They had finished a do-able triathlon. In this Deephaven Days city sponsored event participants swim 400 yards, bike 10 kilometers and then run a 2 mile run.
For most triathletes this would seem to be a light workout. For real humans, this is a perfect fun and fit event. My aside: If you think a marathon is tough, try running a competitive, all out mile.
( BTW - They could lengthen the biking section to 10 miles).
I apologize for the lack of photos.


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