Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Steam Boats at Burwell Park

The Burwell House was built in 1883 for a milling family. There was a wooden plank dock out front for callers arriving on small steamboats to use to visit the Burwells, - and for the delivery of mail. Boats and timber floats used the Millpond to bring their cargos to Minnetonka Mills from Lake Minnetonka.
The following lovely historic Burwell house, blacksmith and other outbuildings are located in a little park owned by the City of Minnetonka just off Minnetonka Boulevard.
After the dam was built at Gray's bay the Millpond was filled in 1897.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoyed viewing your photos, sketches, and historical, editorial photos too.
I love this area and you captured some beautiful and interesting scenes/moments.

9:56 AM  

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