Thursday, August 23, 2007

Good Morning, this is OnStar 2010

OnStar: Good morning Felix, this is OnStar.

F: Good morning....OnStar.

OnStar: Felix, Is there something you would like to tell me?

F: No, OnStar... not really. I am going to just turn on the radio and listen while I drive.

OnStar: Felix, are you sure there is nothing you want to tell me?

F: Yes I am sure.... I'll just put on my ear phone.

OnStar: Not yet, Felix, what is your destination? This trip you are taking is not scheduled.

F: Oh!, I'm just going to do a little personal shopping.

OnStar: But the bus to the mall stops right by your house. I can tell you are not going the correct direction. - And Felix, you are driving alone.

F: I am buying a little gift. It is a surprise...

OnStar: A surprise for whom?

F: Pause

OnStar: You must schedule your single rider trip with your transit revenue department. Please return and schedule. This is OnStar.
By the way, that channel you listen to, - you are exceeding your alotted time.


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