Thursday, May 01, 2008

The morel of the story

Every year at this time I write about a subculture that exists in our fast paced world: The "Morel Mushroom Hunter". A strange breed indeed.
Some are gentle, carbon-based humans wearing little straw hats and garden gloves. Others are more secretive and stealthy. You will see them wearing camoflage jackets and writing in code. They can be spotted taking soil temperature measurements and mapping the riverside terrain for decomposing elms and oaks.
I also make one or two feeble attempts to find the illusive morel in my own neighborhood... usually resulting in the discovery of old pop bottles, linoleum cutting tools and squirt guns (all actual finds).... and about 3 morels.
For now, just like morels hunters, these mushrroms are not very common. We need more warmth and rain. The exotic morels exist in various types and colors (yellow, grey, and the dreaded false morel).
Take care.


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