Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Burwell House

Burwell House, Minnetonka Mills
The historic Burwell House. Minnetonka.

This taken from the City of Minnetonka Web Site:
"The Burwell House is a Victorian home, in the Italianate style. The furnishings in the home include many original Burwell pieces. The furnishings, many of which are of the Eastlake style, are owned by the Minnetonka Historical Society, and are on loan to the site. The site includes a millworker’s cottage that Mr. Burwell moved to the site for his mother in 1894. It also includes Mr. Burwell’s Mill Office, that was moved to the site in 1894 and which now serves as a museum for the Minnetonka Historical Society. Other buildings on the site include a woodshed and an ice house. A five acre site, including the buildlings, is on the National Register of Historic Places, and the site is also a designated Minnetonka Landmark."

I took the photo above about a year ago, in the early morning light. I pullled into the parking lot and found that at 6am I was not alone. Another car was parked, and in it a man was putting on his clothes. Not in any suspect way, just as if he were dressing for work....with clothes from the trunk of his car. He eyed me, but I held the camera up for him display... just another tourist photographer. He went back to his routine. Did he live out of his car? I think he snuck in and early morning run on the neighboring running trail, and cleaed up as best he could before work.
Note: This is very close to the spot on the trail that Jesse James and his men washed up before beginning his legenday Northfield debacle.


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