Friday, January 01, 2010

Scenes from Excelsior- The Polar plunge 2010

I arrived at the Bayview Center with "Foot Stompin" by the Underbeats blaring on my stereo. I would soon be stompin my feet just to keep warm. "Dive time" temperature was 3 below, but a brisk wind crossed the lake and welcomed all to Minnetonka.
The participants waited indoors in robes and blankets. At 9:30 they cued up, and with much less fanfare than in the past, began to plunge into Lake Minnetonka for their 20 foot swim.
The event has now established a new category of divers. These are ones that have participated for even more that the "Shark Level' - which I believe is 10 years of participation. The new category of maniacs: Orca Level.
A couple of the original Polar Plungers - Orcas!

Pre-dive thoughts

A Cub Scout from Troup 91 of Zimmerman MN- lets out a Pre-dive cheer.




after the thrill
After the thrill is gone.


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I shivered just looking at the pictures!!!!

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