Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An historical message from Orono, the Brackets and a cast iron pot

A message from the Brackett family - see previous Brackett bean post:

"Our family still owns one original Brackett Cast Iron Bean Pot and we use it with Great Grandfather George A Brackett's family recipe. One recipe feeds about l00 people. It cooks in the ground for 24 hours. We have done the Brackett bean feed for the Cottagewood General Store Grill Night and for family and friends picnics. Cousin Cynthia Driscoll owns another. We seem to think there was a third that was lent out by Mrs Thomas Brackett, my mother in law but no one knows who now has it.

George A Brackett was an early Govenor of Minneapolis after St Anthony and Minneapolis were incorporated. He served as a procurement officer at Ft Snelling and wrote a story about being raided while on horseback with a Lt Freeman during the Indian Uprising. Lt Freeman was killed and George wandered about for days before he was rescued by a search party from Ft Snelling."

Dianne Brackett (Mrs David)

Also a side note,,,George A Brackett brought the recipe for the Beanhole Beans from his original home in Orono Maine, He later named Orono Minnesota.


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