Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Say Uncola

In my visit to a Waconia antique store I took a few shots of old advertising posters. Soda pop posters in particular. I have been reading an advertising book from the 70s called "Soda Pop". From this carbonated camera caper I feature - 7up.
7 nup
"In 1929 St. Louis business man Charles Grigg introduced “‘7up” to the soda pop world. The 7 noted it came in 7 ounce bottles, the “up” noted the powerful carbonation of the lemon-lime soda."
7up - from an "antique" poster


Blogger btreat said...

I've never seen your 7Up graphics anywhere else - nice. You should post them on the Flickr photosharing website (link below). This group is devoted to anything related to 7Up. There are other similar groups for soda and the like.
- Bob T.

1:21 PM  

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