Thursday, July 08, 2010

Leaky Faucet

I guess this could be a metaphor for many things, being a man in his late 50s. But really, it is not. It is just a testament to my inability to manage outdoor plumbing. But who needs to water the lawn and trees when it rains so much? My "charlie" and crabgrass are flourishing.


Blogger Carmella Vancil said...

aLeaky faucet indeed could be incorporated in a lot of things, but I would never want it incorporated on my water bill! I really hope you asked someone to fix this leak, as you said that outdoor plumbing is not your forte. Carmella Vancil

7:44 AM  
Blogger Lovella Cushman said...

Leaky faucet sure is a famous metaphor used by many. Anyway, hope you were able to fix that little problem of yours as that steady water leak can surely destroy your plants if they are constantly exposed to water, especially that it's been raining, that wouldn't be a good idea to let it be. Anyway, if you're really incapable of fixing it up, you can always call your trusted plumbers.

Lovella Cushman

11:31 AM  
Blogger Katrina Spencer said...

Leaky faucets sure does make for a great metaphor. I do have to raise my concerns though that even though it’s raining, I think it would be better to have them fixed to save water. You can always ask help from your younger relatives if you don’t want to pay for professionals.
Katrina Spencer

10:48 AM  

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