Monday, July 18, 2011

On The Bridge


I stood on the wooden bridge and watched as pleasure craft of all sorts shuffling through the narrow St. Alban's Bay channel. It was early Sunday morning, and I have always noticed that the Minnetonka crowd gets off to a later start, I will partially credit church-going.Partially.

I felt like a bit of a voyeur as I took pictures of boats and a lot of bare backed mariners. It was 95 degrees.
Occasionally the wooden bridge would rumble and clatter with the passing of groups of bicyclers on the Lake Minnetonka trail. Yes, it has a name now.

One observation I have made; about bicyclist is the schism that is developing between the younger - say late teen and twenties bicylists and the older over 30 crowd. I also seen seen it by "The U" and now it is even apparent on the trails. The younger riders do not wear helmets, and generally have a disdain for the "Tour De France look" of the older riders. A group of what I will describe as "Earth first" riders passed wearing camo,flannel, backpacks and skullies. No drop handles and spanex here.

Wooden boat


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