Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Minnetonka Community Eduction Center Main Entrance 2011

Minnetonka CommunityCenter

Minnetonka Community Cener

eye in the sky

The Minnetonka Community Education Center was expanded and updated in 2010. Although this is the Main entrance, it is the narrower side of the building which runs along Vinehill Road. The is a certain fortress like quality, that is at once reassurring and also formidable. It reminds me of Fort Snelling The new exterior brick matches fairly well with other structures in the complex which includes Deephaven Middleschool (a term I dislike). The typestyle is a the somewhat stoic Avante Garde Demi all caps, lending an early 1900s Art Deco quality to the entrance way.

The final photo is one of the slender florescent lights and no doubt eye-in-the-sky units in the parking lot.


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