Sunday, January 29, 2012

Internment and war refugees 1862

Dakota internment camp 1861
Many Indians were interned in a camp on the Minnesota River flats, just below Fort Snelling in 1862. Many died of malnourishment and disease.

War refugees

The rough photograph above is the only photograph known, according to "Historic Minnesota", of the Indian War of 1862. It was taken by refugee Adrian Ebell. Across Minnesota pioneer settlers fled to the safety of Forts to escape random attack. Many settlers died in their homes or standing in their fields. Many went back to their previous homes out East.

In 1862 war broke out between the Dakota Sioux and the United States. The war lasted 6 weeks. It took place during the American Civil War, or "The War Between the States". The focus of the Federal Government was on the Civil war, and this led to delayed or broken annuity payments to the Dakota. There was terrilble famine and povery among the Dakota - and a crop blight had also struck the settlers with famine also.
I have read personal accounts of the war, with graphic descriptions. It is a seldom visited era in American History, for many reasons.


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