Friday, May 11, 2012

Connie Doepke, Republican, votes for the Stadium

"Both of Lake Minnetonka's state representatives voted in favor of a new Vikings stadium late Monday.

State Representative Connie Doepke (R-33B), who represents many of Lake Minnetonka's eastern communities, and Rep. Steve Smith (R-33A), who represents the western side of the lake, were among 73 lawmakers—33 of which were Republicans—who supported a bill that would build a new stadium on the site of the Metrodome."

This taken from "The Lake Minnetonka Patch" Web Site. Credits to Jay Corn

My wife and I sat underneath the green outdoor canopy at the Cottagewood General Store and chatted at length with Connie Doepke. She was running for the office of State Senator and wanted our support. She assured us she was conservative and would not support public funding for another sports stadium.

I just want to make it clear to everyone how she represented her candidacy to me and the voters.


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